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U-nique Teen Mandala Kit:   EXPLORE YOUR INNER "SELFIE" 
This 7 day Art experience was designed by an Art Therapist to help TEENS find their center & explore their inner ‘SELFIES’. The process will challenges teens to explores Mandalas & their connection to the 'SELF'..... the result ~ an authentic 'SEFIE'!  This Create Your Self Kit is perfect for any teen immersed in process of building their identity.  So, give them a reason to put down their cell phone, carve out some alone time & create the ultimate selfie. Fantastic, thoughtful gift for any teen!  No prior experience necessary.  

* Promotes self reflection, creative expression & growth.  

Includes high quality supplies - 10 sheet mandala watercolor paper pad, 12 color double watercolor palette, 1 paint brush, 12 color pencil set with sharpener, a mini portfolio to hold art work & supplies & a thought out directive written by an Art Therapist.

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or younger Kids try the... Kids 'SELFIE' KIt      Want one for yourself???  Get the ADULT version