Mama's Mandalas

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Mama's Mandalas.... Explore your inner 'Selfie' (s!) 
A woman's creativity is undeniable during her pregnancy but it often goes unnoticed & the 40 weeks quickly pass her by. This Art Experience was designed to help women carve out time to connect - to just stop & nurture herself while creating a visual diary of her pregnancy journey. Can be used alone or with spouse & other children to help prepare for new baby. Artwork can be hung in babies nursery or complied into a book for baby. Mama's Mandalas makes a truly meaningful gift & keepsake for any expecting Mom.  

* Promotes self reflection & much needed downtime....

Includes high quality supplies -10 sheet mandala watercolor paper pad,12 color double watercolor palette, 12 color pencil set with sharpener, 12 color oil pastel set, 2 paint brushes, a mini portfolio to hold art work & supplies & a thought out directive written by an Art Therapist.