CAMP Mandala Kit

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Want to get a BETTER LETTER this summer? Send your Kids off to camp with the new & improved CAMP Mandala Kit. This Kit provides campers with everything they need to create ORIGINAL free form MANDALAS to use as postcards to send from camp. The kit now comes with an awesome water brush for mess free painting ANYWHERE! (the water goes INSIDE the brush, so no water tray necessary) 
The process is great for Kids who kids who need to carve out some personal space in a crowded bunk, kids who would benefit from having an outlet to express themselves, or those who simply enjoy being creative. 
* 10 sheet postcard size watercolor pad with pre-drawn mandalas
* Color pencil set with sharpener 
* water brush for convenient painting anywhere! 
* watercolor paint set with double palette 
* A clear directive (developed by an Art Therapist) 
* A convenient plastic AT Kit™ portfolio to store supplies & artwork. 

As always, designed by an Art Therapist with one goal in help you CREATE YOUR SELF