AT KITS, CREATE YOUR SELF:  How it all works...

AT KITS provides meaningful, complete, packaged art experience for everyone. The CREATE YOUR SELF product line provide an alternative to the traditional 'fine art' or 'craft projects' offered nowadays - for both kids & adults who enjoy making art but want to get MORE out of their art making experience. Art Therapy principals are applied to each Kit to incorporate a layer of 'intention' or meaning into the directives...such as: building self esteem, free expression, self reflection, group cohesion etc. Each directive is specifically designed to awaken creativity, provide a release, promote insight & name just a few objectives. 
CREATE YOUR SELF Kits are not meant to be art projects OR a masterpiece rather, a process...or meaningful art EXPERIENCE. Sometimes the experience is about taking in &/or letting go - other times its about clearing your mind &/or gathering your thoughts.....either way, its always about you. Even though CREATE YOUR SELF Kits always focus on the 'PROCESS' (or the art making experience itself) & not the 'PRODUCT' (or the actual art), the ART ultimately becomes very significant...BECAUSE of the meaningful process. (pretty cool...right??) 
CREATE YOUR SELF Kits provide a unique introduction into the very specialized field of Art Therapy. Each directive is built on the foundation of Art Therapy techniques & carefully designed to meet the intended objectives in an appropriate manner. If you enjoy the AT Kit process & want to experience Art Therapy on a deeper level of complexity, I encourage you to find an Art Therapist in your area to continue your work. Click here to begin your search.

Meet Art Therapist & Founder of AT Kits:  
Ricky Bella, MPS 

Ricky lives in New Jersey with her husband & 3 sons. They all enjoy painting 'SELFIES', spending time with family & friends, going on vacation together & exploring new terrain while hiking with their chocolate lab Rae. Ricky spends lots of her time experimenting/playing with art supplies & directives so she can continue to develop & expand the CREATE YOUR SELF line of art experiences for all.  
"After earning a Master's degree in Art Therapy at the School of Visual Arts in NYC over a decade ago and working with various populations, settings & age groups - I became passionate about introducing everybody to the amazing therapeutic benefits of making art. My personal experience yearning for (& sometimes even leaning on) the creative process over the years, for both myself & my own children, reinforced & eventually cemented my drive. I created AT Kits because I want EVERYONE to have access to affordable & meaningful art directives that they could use on their own. My promise to you is that each AT Kit has a meaningful, thought out directive always designed by a trained Art Therapist with one goal in help you CREATE YOUR SELF."     - Ricky Bella